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March 16, 2020
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March 24, 2020
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Our realities have shifted in uncertain ways in the last few weeks. So much of what we may have taken for granted – food and job security, health and medical accessibility, shelter and freedom to attend school – have been challenged. We may feel uneasy, afraid, and be looking for community, despite social distancing guidelines.

While I appreciate that this, even more so, is a time of great social inequity, I hope we can find ways to use any privilege for good.

Writing has always offered me a space to heal during many uncertain times in life. Our stories are rooted in these moments in time, some joyful and others filled with unknowns. If we write down our words, they shift from our hearts and our minds on to blank spaces. Here, our stories can be documented and our emotions can feel real. You do not have to share these words, this space is safe, and it belongs to you. The audience is whoever you choose it to be.

So go ahead, find some blank pieces of paper, journals or notebooks, and write down your thoughts – joys and greatest fears. Find healing through that shift. An entire writing community is here with you, only a virtual social distance away.

Wishing you health and healing.



Image from our 2020 calendar. A blank space is offered on the reverse of each card to document your thoughts every month. These will become the seeds of your very own story one day.

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