Saffron Press is dedicated to inspiring citizens of change.

Gathering the courage to step into the vast unknown was how it all began.

Learning of our son’s profound hearing loss left us numb. There were so many questions, accompanied with an enormous sense of fear.

It was just like a wordless picture book at first - constantly inferring what might happen next. But with every gentle turn of the page, we captured a comforting realization. Each fear was being conquered, and our hearts filled with hope once again.

These tiny seeds gave us the tools to grow our story. Saffron Press is part of that story.
Our values and perspectives are often defined by Culture. Whether it's what we see and hear in our homes, what we feel in classrooms and libraries, or how we are portrayed in the media, culture can be informed by diverse tools and experiences. One of those tools are books.

As an educator and story-loving Mum, one thing I knew for sure, was that my child would need to see himself in the books we shared. He would need strong roots to grow and stretch. He would not only have his Deaf identity, but also his very visible Sikh identity.

Saffron Press cultivates a place for these stories to grow. Our titles offer mirrors, so children may see their experiences reflected; we offer windows to conquer the unknown. This journey is one that we invite you to share with us.

Please stay a while and explore our pod!