Why Choose Diverse Books?
April 18, 2017
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Welcome to Saffron Press

Early in 2009, I was still a new Mum, trying to make sense of it all. Our son had been diagnosed as profoundly Deaf. Despite the amazing support we received from our “village”, it was the reading that filled my quieter moments that opened my mindset to another culture, and gave me the seeds to plant our new story. Together, we were able to navigate the unknown and arrive at this place. This place – where our stories could grow again.

Our lives changed when we opened windows to learn about the Deaf community – we realized how very little we knew. Taking the time to learn something new changed our perspectives on the meaning of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and made us stronger advocates in the process. Today, our family mirror reflects not only our son’s Deaf identity but also our visible Sikh identity. Our son continues to wear bi-lateral aids and is able to communicate using spoken language. He has many loves (Lego and Minecraft taking centre stage!) that are cultivating his childhood cultural experiences. His visible Sikh identity adds another part to his whole. This is a diverse perspective, however, that continues to remain invisible on many children’s book covers.

Saffron Press was created as an independent press to change that perspective. As an educator, I knew that if I was truly advocating for global warriors of change in the classroom, then I would also have to take action to fill the void on my son’s bookshelf. By curating books that serve as mirrors for him, and windows to have conversations about otherness, I curated a place where stories grow.

Our ideas begin as seeds. Over time, we gather a few and sow them, nourish and grow them into our very own stories. Find a cozy window seat and enjoy the view from the Pod!

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