Green notebook with black spiral binding at top. A black pencil sits diagonally on the bottom right of the notebook and the sticker is placed on the bottom left. Sticker shows farmers sat reading Trolley Times - a grassroots newspaper.
Eco Sticker: Trolley Times
January 7, 2022
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Lilac notebook with black spiral binding at the top. Sticker of a Sikh family in a tender embrace in the bottom left. Father is on the right, mother on the left. Two children are in the centre being embraced as 'family'. Both the father and son wear a Sikh turban (Dastaar), the mother wears a chunni or scarf around her head and the young girl has two long braids. All eyes are closed, lips smiling. Colour palette is pink, brown dashed lines. Wreath at bottom has hues of green and blush.

Eco Sticker: Family


The pandemic has limited social connections. This illustration represents a tender embrace – whether it’s with a chosen family or new friends. Stick it somewhere that will give you joy.

A portion of each sale will support The Green Pind Project.

One sticker (FREE SHIPPING when added to a book order or with the 2022 calendar).

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Our stickers are produced on material that is made to last. They have no PVC (vinyl) or halogen, which when disposed of, can cause air and water pollution, as well as harm humans through food supply.

FORMAT: approx. 3″ x 2.5″

MATERIAL: Greenguard Gold Certified stock, coating and inks


  • tear and scratch resistant
  • more sustainable due to five-year lifecycle
  • weatherproof
  • Greenguard Gold Certified making it¬†suitable for sensitive indoor environments
  • matte finish
  • original illustrations from 2022 limited edition desktop calendar

ORIGIN: Printed in Canada

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