Book cover: A background of soft blues and greens. The title of the book drops like a vine and attaches to Kamal's braid. (Kamal is a young Sikh girl wearing a yellow sleeveless dress with flowers in her braids). Leafy plants and flowers fill the bottom of the cover. Written and illustrated by Baljinder Kaur.
Kamal’s Kes
June 8, 2021
Pink notebook with black spiral binding at the top. Sticker of Naudeep Kaur is placed in the bottom left. She holds a sign that reads: The People will keep Organizing!
Eco Sticker: The People will keep Organizing!
January 4, 2022
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4 calendar cards from our 2022 limited edition calendar. January shows a wreath illustration - all green hues. February has a pink background with an illustration of activist Naudeep Kaur in the bottom right. April is a lilac card with leaves and foliage design. June card has a grey background and an illustration of a Sikh family's embrace in the bottom right. All 4 cards are placed randomly on a neutral background.

Desktop Calendar 2022



This year’s 2022 desktop calendar is dedicated to the strength and sacrifice of farmers. After 380 days of revolutionary action, we are reminded that the work needs to continue. In less than two decades Panjab could be a desert, so food sovereignty and access to regenerative farming is more necessary than ever.

As with all our calendars, this is a limited edition featuring original illustrations by local artist, Parmeet Arora Bori.

This year’s cover has been designed as a poignant piece of art. Look closely for an entire story awaiting your attention, a subtle nod to the power of Nanak Kheti, or farming with ancestral knowledge and the preservation of seeds and land. In contrast, on the right we see the future of Panjab, if nothing changes. (Parmeet will share about this illustration style in a feature coming in the new year!)

What memories will you gather on the back of each month’s card for 2022?

A beautiful keepsake of historical moments during the farmer protests, including activist Naudeep Kaur, grassroots journalism by Trolley Times, planting life around spikes, the gathering of love and family.

A portion from each sale supports The Green Pind Project.

FREE SHIPPING on stationery when purchased with a book bundle!



Includes 12 months from January 2022 – December 2022
Front and back covers

FORMAT: approx. 5″ x 5.5″
MATERIAL: Enviro Cover FSC (responsibly sourced paper; 100% PCW)
FEATURES: to be displayed on a reusable wooden stand (included). Please be aware that slight imperfections may occur since the stands are handmade by a local maker. Front cover of the calendar is an art print which can be displayed for years to come. The calendar comes in an organic cotton pouch.
ORIGIN: Printed in Canada
(Props not included)

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